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I know you feel betrayed (I didn't mean it)

Greetings and Salutations... so yeah. I made a new community. Go me. Um... I was inspired to make this while catching up on entries in teens. I'm sure the reason is understandable.

I can easily see this place being a sanctuary for singles, that's cool. But mainly it's just for those annoyed by pretty little princesses who have to plaster reminders that they have the best boytoy in the world at the end of every journal entry as if they were signing their name. I myself am not single but I take satisfaction in the knowledge that I don't feel the need boast about my significant other in every possible place... and that's the point. (Did I just repeat myself there? o.o *insecure*)

Well other than that, I know the community is a shitty default ugliness, but all complaints on that should go to Tim, he's in charge of appearance and attraction. :)

That's it basically... tsch�s alle.
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